Ever wondered if you could cover an entire building with a structure? Now a solution exists within Synseal Extrusions. Portal Frames – any design – any structural challenge. Put us to the test and find out how versatile our new product is.

Whether the building project is for a residential, commercial or recreational application, the creative architectural design may require a visually striking roofing solution – something truly imaginative, which seeks to define the art of the possible

SkySpace Portal frames enable super-sized glazed roof structures to be constructed, where the designed internal building spaces quite literally seem to reach for the sky.

Roof glazing delivers flexible solutions that offer many different forms, from eye-catching domes featuring circular or square on-plan base formats, to triangulated ‘pyramid-style’ roofs.

Portal frame system

Portal Frames allow you to gain access to prestigious projects which can push your company name into the foreground of specifiers and large purchasing organisations. This new product will also provide you with a solution to virtually any structural project for roofs and large conservatories.

This product has already been placed in substantial developments around the world including America, South Africa and Eastern Europe

Flexible, lightweight, convenient to transport and speedy to construct, SkySpace aluminium portal frames offer reduced cost and labour time on site, when compared to conventional building methods.

Skyspace portal frames are an ideal specification for swimming pool enclosures, with exposure to chlorine and constant high humidity levels

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Put us to the test.

MyBest Windows manufacture all double glazing units on-site, using the latest fully automated manufacturing systems. MyBest Windows can install the highest quality products at less than trade prices. No other company in London is quite like us for value and quality and we hope that you will put us to the test. Rest assured our high standards are backed by our recognised accreditations.

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